My name is Jan Anderson and I am a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. I majored in convergence journalism and minored in human rights. I desire to pursue a career that involves the convergence of traditional media formats and new digital platforms. I’m also interested in freelance work in the areas of writing, research, editing, proofreading, and/or fact checking.  I also took several courses in photography as an undergraduate.  All the photographs in my ePortfolio’s header are my own work. More of my photography is available for viewing on my Instagram account. Examples of my previous journalism work are on my clips page.

During my time at SMU, I worked as a team member on the student-produced broadcast The Daily Update and contributed to the student-run news paper The Daily Campus. While at SMU I produced many episodes of SMU-TV‘s morning news show The Daily Update and in the process discovered a deep love for producing. My love for the news is even older. While most of my peers were watching after school specials and other children’s programming, I was watching the local and network editions of the evening news. I was very likely the most informed child in my elementary school.

Downloadable Resume:  Jan_Anderson_resume_web_2015.pdf

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